Solo Professionals – You Are Not Alone, The Government Has Your Back?

Well, we’ve been told by the President of the United States that if you are in business you are not alone, and you didn’t get there just because of your intellect or hard work ethic. You got there because you live in a great nation with great infrastructure which was built before you got there, and it has assisted you in doing your business with effective communication and transportation. Whereas, some of that is true, and it is true that in business you are not alone, I sometimes wonder if the government really has our back. Let me explain.

You see as a solo professional or business person, perhaps a home-based entrepreneur, you do have vendors, the Internet, and many modern amenities which help you get by. If you didn’t have all that you probably couldn’t do it as well. Oh sure, you might still be in business in another country, as there are solo entrepreneurs throughout the world, even in the poorest nations. In fact, in some of the poorest nations there are entrepreneurs that are making a good deal more than their fellow villagers due to their hard work, and entrepreneurial savvy.

Still in the United States, we are considered the land of opportunity, and you can grow your business faster and you have a huge and incredible marketplace filled with consumers ready to buy the products and services you produce for that unit of trade we call a dollar. That is if you can produce and make good on your promises and fulfill your obligations after doing all that marketing and advertising. If you do good, you will get referrals, and grow your business and you will no longer be a solo professional because you will have had to hire additional people to get all the work done.

That’s how businesses grow and yes it is hard work, but it can also be a lot of fun. Now then, back to the point that “you are not alone” well, you really aren’t because there are millions of Americans, self-employed just like you. There are other businesses which you can outsource to, in order to make your work run smoother and more efficiently, there are vendors, and other professionals to help you get through the maze of regulations and hardships caused by all the government made rules which have been placed upon your back like a target.

Yes, the government has your back (a target), but you are not alone and so we must all stick together. Please consider all this and think on it.

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